Keystone Bulldog Rescue of SWPA

    dedicated to the homeless, neglected and abused animals
Find Your New Best Friend

     People let me tell you 'bout your best friend!

There's something to be said about a rescued dog. 
They come with baggage, that's true.   
But they also come with hope that their forever home,
would be with someone like you.
They are grateful for the little things, 
Like A warm soft bed,
a gentle pat on the head.
The quiet of calm,
feeling safe to be home. 
Some fresh wholesome food, and being told they are good.
Make up for the sadness in your absence,
and they're joy only you could. . . . 
share with them when you return.
They just want to be a part of your life,  for the rest of theirs.

There's something special about a rescue dog, I'm sure you'll agree. 
We'll never know what they've been through,
but they know that's in the past, and so do we.
They need all you have to give, and they'll give back a hundred fold to the end. . .
Please say hello to your New Best Friend!

     This is amazing Stewie!  Why,  you ask?  Well first of all, he's a 4 year old a Bulldog!  An Olde English Bulldogge! He's an amazing boy who loves life, food and friends in spite of his birth defect.  Stewie was born with Spina Bifida, which is a deformation of the spine causing pressure and damage to his nerve endings that effect dogs differently, but in Stewie's case,  he is fecal and urine incontinent .  

     Stewie also has some weakness in the back legs which for the most part we did over come with good diet and exercise.  Stewie enjoys his "naked time" outside where he gets to run and play and we can time his bathroom needs within 30 minutes after he eats.  But while in the house he does wear a diaper, which he wears well, and lets you know when he needs a clean pair of pants!!

     He is so loving, and gentle with his soft eyes that you just melt when he looks into yours.  He's very polite, listens well, and definitely wants to please.  Stewie is a waiting dog.  He is great with other dogs and loves to play.  NO food or toy aggression, he's a sweetheart! Loves to cuddle.  Loves both Mom and Dad.  He is doing very well with cats.  It seems , he likes to chase th Toms  outside, but in the house he is indifferent and they sleep with him.   Such a charmer.  He's great with all people strange and familiar, he's a big boy, but gentle and would be fine with kids but we recommend them to be age 6 and up because he doesn't realize how big he is. and might knock them down asking for a hug.  

     If you would like more information and are interested in opening your  heart and home to this wonderful boy, please contact us via phone, or email or please fill out an adoption application!  

    Sponsor Stewie!!  Everday expenses do add up! Any donation is never too large or small!  Adoption Application for Stewie !

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FREDDY HAS BEEN ADOPTED ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A warm loving welcome to Gizmo (the Pomeranian) and Freddy, (the Pom / Pekingese mix).  They are a truly bonded pair that survived solely because they had each other to get through their terrible ordeal.   Freddy doesn't seem to want to walk much, but I'm told that depends upon what's going on, . . . like is there treats?  But as you can see he's a bit unsteady, and his buddy Gizmo, I thought at first glance he was a Chinese Crested.  not a Pomeranian.  They were kept together in a bathroom for years, living in their own mess, and was barely fed, and never been to see a veterinarian.  These two kids somehow survived to be 8 and 9 years old.   They are now on their way to health,  because Keystone did step up for them.  Many thanks to the ladies that rescued them, but couldn't continue with the medical care.  Just because they are funny looking bulldogs, doesn't mean we aren't here for them.  So they will be seeing their new Dr very soon.   Get some good healthy diets, special medicated baths and whatever else the Dr orders.  We'll see that they are tested and have their bloodwork done to make sure they are free of disease and if not, we'll work on that too.  They are in need of a loving foster that will help them on their way.  So that someday soon, they could meet their forever family and finally be home and safe and happy.  Gizmo and Freddy is a waiting bonded pair.  If you would like to help with their ongoing health care and sponsor them, they will be needing everything.  Even clothing as it's still winter weather here, and they are so tiny and hairless.  Please send your donations here : 

If you would be interested in fostering, or adopting, please fill out an application and for fosters please also complete a foster agreement along with your application.

Thank you so much for your interest in our new "special bulldogs"  !  Welcome Gizzie and Freddy!
Sponsor Gizmo !

~~~~~~~~~MUNSON HAS BEEN ADOPTED! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are welcoming Munson to our crew!  This wonderful English Bulldog is 7 years old, very healthy, happy and sweet!  He's great with kids, and strangers as well.  He gets along well with other dogs, but he doesn't like cats very much.  Munson has one little quirk.  He seems to get very attached to the female figure and will go after her feet / shoes if she attemps to leave the house! Just his way of saying don't go.  But never the less, he needs to understand and that's where his new family comes in.  Easy fix, just need to change the habbit.  He's a wonderful boy and worth that little bit of effort.  Munson is a waiting bulldog. 

Anyone that would like to make him part of the family, please fill out an "application" and return at your earliest convenience.  Let's get this boy home!

If you would like to sponsor Munson for any of his everyday needs, please send him your love and donaton here. 

Thank you and welcome Munson!!