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Nestled in the hills of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands, there is no place or people more dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals.  We are hard working folks with a common goal keeping in mind the "love of the breed".   Although this rescue is dedicated to English and French Bulldogs, we welcome all inquires as we work closely with other rescues and can assist with the surrender, rescue and care of all breeds!  We are located in PA, but are open to out of state adoptions if that "perfect fit" of a furever home is out there!  Things around here change daily so please visit us often!

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And She's Adopted!

Dallas is quite the young lady. Her birthday is on the 28th of this month and she will be 7 years old.

She was born in Columbia South America.  She came to live in Pennsylvania with her Mom and Dad for a new life when she was just a puppy.  Sadly about a year ago, the family broke up and Mom went back to Columbia and Dad stayed behind because of his work.  Poor Dallas was not permitted to fly back to Columbia with her Mom and was left behind.  Dad, unfortunately didn't take care of her.

so a little TLC, and amazing Foster Mom, and Doctor and . .. . 


So now this little girl who had always been loved and cared for lost her Mom, and was always left alone and wasn't cared for.  Can you imagine her sadness?  She came to us in the condition that you see in the pictures.  She was uncomfortable , under fed, and unloved.  She came with a small worn blanket that was labeled to be her "bed".  She had no toys because I was told she didn't play and didn't need them.  I doubt if there were ever treats because she is under fed.  But . . . . 

WE  have her now, and her life is about to drastically change.

Now that you know her past, lets talk about her future.  She's in need of veterinary care.  She has what appears to be demodex, and infections.  It also appears that she has ulcers on her eyes, and we're hoping it's not the onset of cataracts.  She is emaciated.and Lord knows what else!  She was scared during her trip but behaved very well with people and dogs she didn't know.  Now she is  in the loving home of a wonderful young family that are centering their life around her.  They have always loved bulldogs, and are experienced Foster Parents.  We are so grateful to have them.  Upon arrival she was showered with attention, had a good bland meal of chicken and rice which I might add she ate very well for them!  Received a soothing bath and then  as her Foster Dad put it . . . "made herself right at home"!  So we're off to a good start.  Without a doubt she will never know fear, loneliness, hunger, or neglect for the rest of her life!  Anyone with a heart would say that's a "piece of cake".  We make it our mission.

Dallas is very sweet little girl,  and loving all the attention that she deserves.  We plan to have her visit a vet very soon,  so we can get her on the road to wellness.  Dallas came to us with nothing but a rag of a blanket and her bowls.  Many have asked if they could send her gifts, which are so welcomed because just as I said, she came with nothing.  She will also be needing medications, special skin treatments and special food. Oh and one more thing.  We have to teach her English.  She really doesn't understand when they talk to her.  But that's an easy task.  Love breaks all boundries.  If you would like to sponsor Dallas and donate torward her care, please use the donation button that will take you through to our Paypal account and mention Dallas in the memo and whatever message you would like to leave her and it will be printed below with her sponsors.

I just wanted to say in our search for a special foster home for Spike, we found these wonderful people that wanted to help a bulldog.  We would have never found them if it hadn't been for Spike.  Thanks buddy.



Island Belles : Donation for Miss Dallas! Her story broke my heart, bless you guys for rescuing her and bless her foster family !  So glad she is in good hands and getting the care she deserves!  Lots of love from North Carolina !-erica

Leslie Friedhoff : Please use this donation toward the care for Dallas!  Than you for rescuing bullies --they are so special !!

Wendy Moeskops : For Dallas.  Hope you get better soon an dfind  your loving forever home.  Hugs and Kisses from Belgium !

Precious Goode : My boy , Snots, wanted to help Dallas on her road to recovery.  Good luck, sweet girl!

Sid Graves : Get well sweet Dallas !

Sylvonne Milligan : To Dallas, Get well soon sweetie !! Love from another Dallas.

Sandra Berry

Toni Lemon : for Dallas

Christie Sworen : for Dallas she is so precious.