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Nestled in the hills of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands, there is no place or people more dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals.  We are hard working folks with a common goal keeping in mind the "love of the breed".   Although this rescue is dedicated to English and French Bulldogs, we welcome all inquires as we work closely with other rescues and can assist with the surrender, rescue and care of all breeds!  We are located in PA, but are open to out of state adoptions if that "perfect fit" of a furever home is out there!  Things around here change daily so please visit us often!

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The Adventures of Kongo! I know that a lot of you have been following him. But what I noticed is that no one really understood his back story. Also I spelled his name wrong but we're going to live with that. Kongo is a 10 year old American Bulldog. At the age of three he was sold to JuanGodinez and his family. They did love their dog. He was part of the family. They fell on some hard times and had to move to another home that was a rental. The whole month or so they were there the landlord did not allow poor Kongo in the house. Not even on the porch. He had to be either tied in the yard or kept in the garage. Poor Kongo of course couldn't understand why, and his family was so worried and sad. The selfless act of finding a better life for him that they couldn't provide had been made and Keystone Bulldog Rescue SWPA offered to help. With hugs and tears the Godinez family let Kongo start out on his big adventure . He met his Angels Shannon Alyce Harrington and Rich Brower and Richie Brower set off to pick up Kongo and take him into their home to get him all cleaned up and ready for the big adventure but he didn't know or understand where he was. But these wonderful angels from Illinois soothed him and made him feel safe and loved, and he finally got a little rest. The next day the big trip began when Rich got home from work, and as those of you that followed know, it was a very long night with three adults and Kongo huddled in a smaller car making their way through Illinois, then Indiana, then Ohio, to finally arrive in Washington PA at approx 3:30 am. Then came the second leg of the night as one of our wonderful volunteers Kena Ward Hartzell met them and took Kongo to her home where she thought he could rest and sleep the rest of the night. But he was overtired, and scared and needed to feel safe and he did in the back of her SUV, so they slept in the car for a few hours until morning. His last leg of his trip came when his Foster Mom Holley Marcantino met Kena and Kongo for the final leg going home. Welcome home big guy! We'll tell daddy you're in very good hands!






Kong has come a very long way since his arrival, but has a long way to go!  We are so grateful for the aid and assistance with his medical bills from WEBARK ESTATES, as Kongo is a senior of 9.5 years young, and so many issues to address.  Aside from "normal" vetting there are cysts and tumors to be removed which we are optimystic will be OK.  He has the best disposition and fit right in to his foster home immediately and you can tell he's already so loved.  Thank you to  Holley and Guy and their son Jaison for making Kongo so welcome!