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Nestled in the hills of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands, there is no place or people more dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals.  We are hard working folks with a common goal keeping in mind the "love of the breed".   Although this rescue is dedicated to English and French Bulldogs, we welcome all inquires as we work closely with other rescues and can assist with the surrender, rescue and care of all breeds!  We are located in PA, but are open to out of state adoptions if that "perfect fit" of a furever home is out there!  Things around here change daily so please visit us often!

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it's official, FOSTER FAILURE!!

Boss is going to need so much and he's getting up there in years that his Foster Mom and Dad just want him to live his life out with them.  Priceless.  It's a perfect fit!

God bless you Boss and your new family!!


I'm happy to report that Boss is coming along slow but sure to feeling better.  He is very happy and playful and his Foster Mom loves him very much .  She also commented that he is a very good boy! But we knew that, so keep getting better Boss!


Well Boss's first week has been tough on our boy.  First thing when he arrived after that long 8 hour drive home,  he got a good bath and his nails trimmed which was very much needed.  Next day off to meet his new Dr!  Weighing in at 77 pounds and putting up with their poking to find that he had a severe infection in his ears and eyes.  We knew that he was deaf, but learned from the infections he had lost his vision.  Four days into the antibiotics as the infection starts to heal we're learning that he can see shadows and so we're hoping he'll regain some of his sight back.  But even the shadows we'll take!  In addition, he has skin alergies and infection and an infected tail which we don't know as of late if they'll be able to save his tail or  have the surgery to remove it.  He has so much going on with his eyes.  The skin has thickened and is curling inward around his eyes which we're hoping he'll respond to the medication so as to avoid that unpleasant surgery and he does have two cherry eyes that need to be surgically corrected.  We were encouraged by his bloodwork that came back negative for heartworm, and it's just showing all the infection.  His Foster Mom tells me that he is eating well, and walks well with her, and he does sleep a lot and that's normal with all the meds and the fact that he must be starting to feel a little bit better too.

This Weeks Picture on his first day!

So that's our big boys first week, and we hope to give you good news with his progress next week, so stay tuned.

Then Along Came the "BOSS"


LOOK at this hunk of burning love! Hubba Hubba is what comes to mind!  Just simply a gorgeous man, even at the age of 8 he still turns heads and breaks hearts!  Boss comes to us sadly because his "Mom" is getting older and he is just two strong for her so we are so happy and priviledged that she chose us to help him!  He's  a wonderful guy with such a sweet disposition and loves everyone and other dogs, cats and kids too!  Hoss is deaf, but that sure doesn't slow him down! He's such a lover !

Boss will begin his medical evaluation very soon but we thought we'd let him rest for the long weekend.  He hasn't been vetted in a while so we have to have him fully vetted before he's available for adoption.  Along with vetting, we need to provide him with all his personal needs.  He has an amazing Foster Mom that not only planned on working with him and the vet, but she was so determined to get him asap, that she drove the entire roundtrip distance of over 1000 miles to get him in Fayetteville GA, and take him back to her wonderful horse farm and wild animal rescue  in Supply,NC.

 Much love and gratitude to Cereta!

They broke the mold when they made you!

If you would like to sponsor  Boss and help with his expenses, please use the donate button and we will contact you via email if you would like to leave him a message!  Thank you so much, and Welcome to our family Boss!